Which area of Cheyenne traffic annoys you the absolute most? Check out our list of the things that grind our gears...

  • Doug Randall, Townsquare Media

    The Roundabouts

    It's not so much the roundabout itself, it's the fact that people just still can't quite get the hang of it.

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    The I-25/College Dr. Exit

    To get to the gas stations on this exit you have to drive on the wrong side of the road. If you don't, you're in a world of trouble. The truck congestion made this mandatory, but it's still really weird.

  • 3

    Downtown One Ways

    Let's be honest for a second... we've all accidentally gone the wrong way once or twice. Or a few times...

  • 4

    Dell Range Congestion

    Ever have an errand at the other end of Dell Range at 5:00? Good luck.

  • 5

    Downtown Summer Parking

    Want to hit an event at the Depot Plaza? Hit dinner on 17th? Hope you like walking.