Congratulations to Karen Lundahl who our readers choose as their favorite Laramie mom in our Mother's Day Tribute! A personal friend of Karen's, Ami Cass, nominated this wonderful Laramie mom who has been a parent for 19 years. In that time Karen has adopted and cared for 11 children! Already having a handfull of her own to care for, longtime friend Ami Cass told us that Karen has gone out of her way to help provide supervision to not only her kids but also other families in need of a helping hand. Cass said that her amazing friend Karen deserved a little pampering because she always puts everyone else first, and sure enough most of you agreed by giving Karen your votes. This Mother's Day Karen will receive the following in recognition:

Thank you to everyone that helped us choose this special Laramie mom as this year's winner of our Mother's Day Tribute and also for all of the other submissions we received. If you didn't get a chance to look at the other tributes that we choose as the finalists in this contest, they are copied below as well.

Once again congratulations to Karen Lundahl, and we here at Y95 Country wish all of you moms out there a Happy Mother's day this Sunday!


Nominee: Cassie Lovato

My mom is sweet , kind , caring. She is the one who takes care of my sisters and my one brother like keeping us under a shelter, giving us food and water for we don't thirst or starve. My mom is the best mom in the world. My mom is kind , sweet ,and caring she is the on who helps me through hard times and she is the one who is there when i cry. My mom is a wonderful mom. there is no one who can replace my mom. I look up to my mom because she will be the one that leads me through my whole life.I love you mom.

- Marissa Lovato, Age 10


Nominee: Kim Oder

I think my best Friend Kim Oder deserves to win. She is a single mother of 4 great kids. She is a very active mom she is either at a t-ball game for her son or a soccer game for her oldest daughter. She has had a hard time the last few years but has always made it through. She is the kind of friend that if you need anything than she is there to help you out, and never asks for anything in return. She never gets to have anytime for herself because she is more worried about her kids.

- Tabitha Emler


Nominee: Ruth Arthur

My mom is amazing. She has had a really rough year. She lost her Brother to cancer a few weeks ago and has been taking care of her sick father and getting her mother situated and moved back to Laramie. Many years now she has been a great asset to the community and a mother to her employees and a great friend to all that need her as well. In spite of all of this she has managed to be an amazing mother and here for all four of her children and her two grandchildren! I couldn't ask for a better mom.

- Elizabeth Zimmer


Nominee: Heather Dodson

A mother of a 4 month old and an almost three year old, Heather Has a more than full time job of which she commutes to Cheyenne five times a week. With my full time job she also takes our children with her to work. She is a Case Manager for Developmental Disabilities and her love for people is never ending. Hard work and taking care of our two boys and never complaining is why i am nominating my beautiful wife Heather.

- Garrett Dodson


Nominee: Karen Lundahl

Karen Lundahl is not only a wonderful Mother to her children but all children. She has been a foster parent for 19 years and has adopted 11children. Karen has been a personal friend of mine for several years and when I was in need of daycare, she helped me out and many other families out (especially families with shift/busy schedules). Karen works really hard and always puts others first. I think Karen needs to be rewarded/pampered for being an amazing person and Mom to so many!

- Ami Cass

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