The Cheyenne Police Department posted a picture of this attempted forgery of a Wyoming license plate in order to get around paying the fees of registration.

“Legally, you're required to buy your license plates from the state in order to properly register your vehicle.”


Cheyenne Police Department
Cheyenne Police Department


This plate was made with the use of a printer, scrap metal and scotch tape. The perpetrator would have been better off paying the fees than the fine.

The public response has been great.

“Go from being free making license plates to being locked up making license plates. Such irony. Lol”


“This is what happens when schools lose funding for arts and crafts”


Peter B. Steiger posted this perfectly hilarious forgery response, saying:

“His mistake was in making such an obvious forgery. I have never had any law enforcement officer question my own design, which holds up to the closest scrutiny.”

“No front legs on the horse is a dead giveaway. Other than that, pretty close.”


“Just to let you know how much that ticket is- for the no registration violation it's a bond of $110, for the forgery portion it could carry a $750 bond and up to six months in jail. Each time the person is caught. Plus there's the risk of all those paper cuts each time you make a new one.” -Cheyenne Police Department