Another spring snowstorm is expected to pound southeast Wyoming late tomorrow and Wednesday, and pet owners are being urged to make preparations to make sure their furry friends stay safe and warm.

Niki Rose with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter says the best thing pet owners can do is monitor the amount of time their animals are outside.

"You're going to want to make sure your animals are just going in and out, not staying out for long periods of time," said Rose. "If you're going to take your dogs on walks or anything like that, just make sure that you're preparing for the weather and keeping them in consideration as well."

Pet owners should clean their animal's paws off with a wet washcloth after going outside, as salt and other chemicals can hurt their feet and make them sick if they ingest them.

Rose also encourages pet owners, especially those living out in the county, to stock up on pet food and medications and be prepared for power outages.

"If you have neighbors or friends who are leaving their pets outside you can always call Animal Control," Rose added. "If you have a true concern we can definitely respond to that."