Cheyenne's four economic development organizations have come up with a plan to re-energize downtown.

Leaders from the Cheyenne DDA, Visit Cheyenne, Cheyenne LEADS and the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce have created a series of action steps to bring visible change to the core of downtown and encourage future business investment from the private sector.

"We certainly didn't want to create a 20-year, multi-million dollar plan that had very little possibility of coming to fruition," said Daren Rudloff, President and CEO of Visit Cheyenne. "If we can start making tangible steps, making baby steps where people can see progress, we hope it will just snowball and continue on."

"We're looking to add more lights to the Depot Plaza and along Capitol Avenue, just very inexpensive items that will show action," Rudloff added. "And the addition of a small splash park and ice rink on the plaza will be magnets that draw people downtown."

The Downtown Cheyenne Core Plan also calls for cleaning up alleys and enforcing nuisance ordinances for abandoned buildings.

"We feel that if we accomplish these (items) in the next two years, we will have made a visible change," said Rudloff. "So that when people come downtown they'll say, 'Wow! These groups and the city have been talking about something new. I can see it, it's real.'"

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