Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away so couples everywhere are getting their plans in order. However, if you're single and you happen to live in Wyoming, you might just want to be looking ahead to whatever the next holiday is on the calendar.

A recent study from our friends at WalletHub researched the best and worst states for singles in the U.S. and sure enough, Wyoming is one of the worst states to be in for singles. Wyoming showed up as the 43rd best state for singles. Conversely, that means, we are also the 8th worst state for single people. That's unfortunate.

Several metrics were used to determine the rankings for this particular statistic, including dating opportunities, dating economics, and 'romance & fun'. Wyoming scored pretty poorly when it comes to dating opportunities (47th), which would also include the fact that Wyoming contains the 3rd least share of single adults in the country. We also scored 42nd in 'romance & fun' and the fact that we have the 3rd fewest restaurants per capita didn't exactly help our cause either. However, Wyoming did finish with a reasonable 16th ranking for 'dating economics' so at least dates are relatively cheap in our state, in theory anyway.

Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania finished in the top three states for singles, so if you're that desperate, you could try to migrate to one of those states. Finishing worst than Wyoming in the rankings for singles were Kentucky, Delaware, Arkansas, Hawaii, North Dakota, West Virginia, and New Mexico, which is the worst state for singles. So hey, at least we're not those states.

But as of tomorrow (February 3rd), we'll just be 11 days from Valentine's Day. For all the single people out there...well done! You don't have to worry about that at all. Valentine's present? Forget about it! You don't have to do a thing! Good work being single and saving money. Unfortunately, if you're in a couple, the clock is ticking on how much time you have to make plans for you and your significant other, so get cracking! The pressure's on! Good luck, couples!

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