The Albany County Tourism Board (Visit Laramie) is pleased to announce the grand reopening of the Laramie Area Visitor Center.

This spring, with the help of Elk Ridge Builders under the direction of the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance, the board embarked on a remodel to make the
space more accommodating for visitors with more visible signage.

We are very excited about the new visitor experience here at the visitor center,” executive director Scott Larson gleefully chimed. “The new location has already led to a 67% increase in foot traffic. This means more people who we are able to direct to area businesses, activities, and restaurants.”

The new Visitor Center features an ADA-compliant entrance, bathroom, and
visitor space to better accommodate all types of visitors. The new main lobby now features space for museum displays, marketing videos, and a gift shop.

Photo from Visit Laramie
Photo from Visit Laramie

On August 11, 2022, Visit Laramie hosted a Business After-Hours event along with the Laramie Public Art Coalition and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance to
celebrate the completion of the remodel and a new mural on the north side of the building.

The new mural features many beloved features of Wyoming and Albany County,
including cowboy boots, Indian Paintbrush blossoms, the railroad, the infamous jackalope, Vedauwoo, the Snowy Range, and more.

Working with LPAC has been an amazing process,” said Willow Hinckley, visitor
experience manager. “I was so excited to work with Ashley Quick on her first outdoor mural, and we have loved how it all turned out.

Local artists also have the ability to bid on a space for a rotating art wall inside the lobby area. Currently, the art wall features more prints from Ashley Quick, along with
local paintings by Erika Ziegler.

Photo from Visit Laramie
Photo from Visit Laramie


The Laramie Area Visitor Center is open from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m at 800 S 3rd Street, just south of historic Downtown Laramie.

The outside information atrium has informational brochures and guides available 24/7.

Click here for before and after construction photos. Click here for a mural timelapse.

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