Despite ruffling some feathers when it passed, an ordinance legalizing backyard chickens in Cheyenne really isn't giving people anything to squawk about.

"Basically it's a non-issue," said Councilman Richard Johnson, who was instrumental in getting the law passed.

The law allows residents to keep up to six hens in a covered, predator-resistant coop, provided they have the written consent of their neighbors and aren't in violation of any neighborhood covenants or HOA agreements.

"There's no need to loose your head over this," said Johnson. "More people are doing it and it's not a problem."

Johnson says only three chickens have been turned into the Cheyenne Animal Shelter since the law went into effect on April 25.

"CLUCK (Cheyenne Local Urban Chicken Keepers) has lived up to their word and adopted them and sent them out to the county," said Johnson. "They're still advocating for education and they publish it pretty regularly that they're going to offer classes, so I think it's still a good thing."

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