Kane Brown turned to social media to share a hilarious clip of his wife, Katelyn, walking right into a "trick question" setup that he caught on video.

Brown films his wife from the back seat of an SUV as she is seated in the front passenger seat in the clip, which he posted to Instagram on Friday (Feb. 19). She is handing out coffee orders to everyone in the vehicle after a Starbucks run as he randomly asks her, "How old would you be if you were born 12 years ago?"

Clearly distracted and not really listening to the question as she's focused elsewhere, Katelyn hilariously starts trying to calculate, saying, "Well, 10 years ago I would be 18 ... "

As the other people in the car begin to crack up, she reacts with exasperation as she begins to realize it's a setup, saying, "What ... what the f--k are you guys talking about?!"

It gets even funnier when she points at her husband and says, "I'm not gonna fall for another one of your stupid trick videos."

"How old would you be?" he repeats, and when his still-confused wife replies, "I'd have to do the math," he and the person driving explode into fresh laughter (by the way, the answer is 12).

Still handing out coffees, Katelyn is basically every overly-multi-tasking wife and mom on Earth as she points out that she's trying to do a number of other things.

"And then you hit me with some trick question ... you're gonna stick it on Instagram, and I'll have everyone make fun of me again ..." she says, good-naturedly threatening to spit in his coffee.

Brown did share the endearing clip, writing, "I love this woman so much ... sorry for the f bomb."

The hilarious video drew reactions from Jimmie Allen, who replied with laughter, and Jason Aldean, who posted, "She’s not falling for it again KB... except she did!"

The couple have been laying low with their daughter, Kingsley, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have frequently shared fun moments and personal glimpses into their home life via social media.

Brown hasn't been entirely idle, though; on Feb. 10, he announced that he was launching his own record label, 1021 Entertainment, and he made his Grand Ole Opry debut on Feb. 14.

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