Dustin Lynch and his mini me!!!!

Posted by Carol Bullen on Monday, January 18, 2016

Kids love music, and if you're raising them right, they love country music the most. But singing along to the radio or dancing to CDs don't hold a candle to Braxton's experience — he got to take the stage with Dustin Lynch!

Lynch is currently out on his Hell of a Night Tour, and at one of his recent stops, he had a fun little surprise for the crowd. Lynch brought up young Braxton on stage to help him sing "Cowboys and Angels." Braxton is obviously an adoring Lynch fan and is now being dubbed as the singer's "mini me" — for good reason. From his little cowboy boots to his oversized cowboy hat, Braxton is the spitting image of Lynch.

In the clip, Lynch sits on the edge of the stage with his guitar, Braxton standing next to him. The crowd cheers along as the singer puts his around the kid and begins to sing the song. From time to time, Lynch puts the microphone in front of Braxton so he can sing, too.

After the song ends, the crowd goes wild and Lynch smiles adorably over at Braxton. It'll melt your heart in a second. Watch the entire clip above of sweet little Braxton singing along to his hero, Dustin Lynch.

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