Not a lot is known about 9-year-old Joey ... except for the fact that he is a huge Luke Bryan fan. Truthfully, that's all you need to know!

A radio station deejay took some time out of her schedule to catch a glimpse of Joey singing his favorite Bryan tune, "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)." The boy is an avid listener of his favorite south Florida radio station — he tunes in every day on his way to school, and he refuses to get out of the car until he's heard his favorite bit. Given how often Bryan is played on air, that means Joey has had plenty of time to learn every line to the star's radio hits, like this one.

With only a background track of the song (and a little head bob), Joey begins to belt out the fast-paced lyrics in this clip. He's even added a few hand gestures to give his performance some extra leverage. Joey's sweet sound doesn't falter even when he's nearly rapping the fast parts. Watch the entire cover above and give a big hand of applause for this awesome kid!

You Think You Know Luke Bryan?

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