Casper Police are investigating an incident at Casper College involving LSD-laced homemade bread found on campus. According to an alert issued by the college, the loaves of bread were left in a student's vehicle on campus. It's not known if anyone consumed any of the bread containing the hallucinogenic drug.

According to Casper College spokesperson, Lisa Icenogle, says that a student found three loaves of bread in their car at just around noon on Monday.  The student became suspicious and called campus security.

"They came and did a field test on the bread to see if they could detect anything in it," says Icenogle.  "The test indicated the presence of LSD.  Security called the Casper Police Department, who did a test, and they confirmed to us that there was LSD present in the bread."

Icenogle goes on to say they received the supporting results from the CPD test at about 2:30 Monday afternoon.

Authorities warn that any food product of unknown origin may be dangerous. Contact campus security at 268-2688 or call 911 if suspicious materials are found. Anyone with information about the drug-laced bread is urged to contact Casper Police.

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