As part of its 'Share the Love' program, Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation is handing out 15 $1,000 grants and one of those happens to be to Black Dog Animal Rescue in Cheyenne.

The 'Share the Love' program is a grant program open to anyone who adopted a pet from, fostered a pet through, or volunteered at an animal shelter last year. Animal shelters would then be nominated by an animal lover in a community and thanks to Emily Childs Smith's nomination of Black Dog Animal Rescue, the MuttNation Foundation selected the local animal shelter in Cheyenne as a recipient of one of the 15 $1,000 grants.

Black Dog Animal Rescue shared a post about the news on their Facebook page:

Wow wow wow! 💕💕💕
One of our AMAZING volunteers submitted a story to Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Share the Love contest and she won a $1,000 grant for BDAR, out of 14,000 entries! We are so honored! Plus, it's not every day you get a mention in People!
Thank you Emily Childs Smith for sharing your story and thank you for your continued dedication to BDAR! Our hearts keep growing larger from all the love we feel from our community. Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day! 💜
As Black Dog Animal Rescue's post eludes to, the story was featured in People. In just its third year, the 'Share the Love' program his exponentially increased in terms of its number of registrants in each of year of existence. It had 500 in 2018, 2,000 in 2019, and over 14,000 in 2020.
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Lambert issued her own statement regarding the 'Share the Love' program and what it means to her and her foundation:
Shelter pets and the people who care for them have the biggest hearts and sharing the love for Valentine's Day feels so right...It's amazing to have such an overwhelming response to our program. The number of people who participated demonstrates the commitment and value that community members provide to their local shelters. And, especially given how difficult this year's been — it just means so much
The country star also shared some advice for those looking to adopt a dog:
I would encourage people to be open-minded as they search for their dog. So many amazing dogs get overlooked because of stereotypes surrounding their mix of breeds,...can sometimes be harder for older dogs to get adopted, too. But the older ones are so loving, and many of them are trained already, so they can be great for first-time adopters. You can really make an impact on their life by giving them a second chance.
Black Dog Animal Rescue is located at 2407 E. 9th St. in Cheyenne. Its mission is to promote, provide, and advocate for the needs of companion animals. They strive to create a Socially Conscious Animal Community. You can find out more about them at
It's always awesome when any celebrity, especially a country superstar does something to help out great organizations in any community, but especially of all places, right here in Cheyenne.

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