We have a huge list of artists coming to Cheyenne this Summer already and now, we're about to get a really solid rock band to make their way to the Capitol City. This show, along with the mentioned long list of artists is quite possibly going to make this the best Summer in years. At least from a live music standpoint, but, man, we're going to have a lot to do. So get your calendars ready.

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Puddle Of Mudd will be performing at The Lincoln Saturday, August 22nd at 8 PM. I'm pretty excited about this performance, I'm not going to lie. I saw them live on tour with Kid Rock in 2003 or so and they put on a pretty good show.

What Songs Are Puddle Of Mudd Known For

Puddle of Mudd had tons of success in the early and mid-2000s with hits like "She Hates Me", "Blurry", "Psycho" and "Control". I almost guarantee you've heard a lot of their hits. You can check it out below.

They're one of those bands that you can tell were really influenced by Nirvana. Their frontman kind of has those vibes, sounds and I mean, the long blonde hair is pretty spot on.

Either way, this is going to be a great show as Summer 2022 continues to prove that it's way better than the last two Summers. It's surely going to be much louder, which I'm here for it. Tickets are on sale right now and you can get them here. That's much better than waiting in line like I did the last time I saw them.

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