Last week when Wyoming received it's annual May blizzard, we asked if residents think interstate closures are a good thing or a bad thing for Wyoming's economy.

We prefaced the question by saying, of course, we wish there weren't ever road closures and motorists never had to be stuck. Unfortunately, that's not a reality in the Rocky Mountains.

When motorists get stuck along Interstate 80 they have to purchase motels, food, and gas that they might not have in our state. However, as soon as roads closed other motorists head for alternate routes, usually avoiding Wyoming all together.

After tallying up our poll results, here's how the final results broke down...

1. Helps our economy - people are forced to spend more money 39%

2. Balances Out - It's about the same as it would be if the road was open 32%

3. Hurts our economy - Less people visit our state 16%

4. I have no idea 10%

We also received one vote that a user chose the "other" category. That users replied "Hurts our economy as people don't visit and locals can not get into town to shop."

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