Get your tissues out for this one. Although originally posted two months ago on GodTube, Lacey Buchanan’s video about her son Christian went viral over this past Mother’s Day weekend. Recorded on her iPhone, and with her baby boy in her arms, Buchanan uses note cards to tell her inspiring story.

With songs praising Jesus playing in the background, Buchanan begins her story of how she was excited on hearing of her pregnancy. But as months passed, doctors informed the parents there was something wrong with her baby. When Christian was born, things got worse. The boy was born with an extremely rare condition called Tessier clefts, which meant that Christian was unable to fully close his mouth — and even more saddening, his eyes never even formed.

Blind from birth, Buchanan was used to stares and whispers behind her back about her baby whenever they took Christian out. In one of the flashcards, Buchanan mentions one girl even told her to abort the baby. Buchanan refused. And now, a year later, Buchanan is only proud of her son, and despite his ‘condition,’ this mother is only happy to give him the unconditional love he deserves.

Watch the inspiring video below.

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