Many agree cops well deserve a National Police Week for all they have to put up with everyday. Here are 5 of the Wyoming's craziest arrest stories so far in 2017.

5. Laramie Police booked a 19-year-old male driver on suspicion of driving under the influence - right into a cycle shop. Multiple ATVs, motor bikes, and a snowmobile had been damaged at Frontier Cycle. An employee said the car clipped a pole and crossed all lanes before colliding with the front entrance. The teen driver refused treatment at the scene for minor scrapes. That's a dead giveaway he felt no pain.

4. Two men from Colorado, working temporarily in Casper, were arrested for drug possession at a motel. One of them had gone to the front desk to report that his marijuana was missing from his room. Hotel management gave their assurance they were calling police, who arrived to hear the 20 year old say, “I made the report. It was my weed that was stolen.” He even explained to the Casper officer that he “wanted to smoke a bowl but couldn’t find his weed.” He said that he was outside, as he couldn’t smoke in the motel room. Oh well, God forbid that in a non-smoking room! Both were taken to Natrona County Detention Center.

3. A 32-year-old Cheyenne woman smuggled meth into the jail in Laramie County. She denied that until a strip search found a baggie containing 40 grams of meth hidden in her ... you know. Still pleading not guilty at her arraignment, she faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. Yes, taking drugs into a jail facility is highly frowned upon.

2. A Casper teenager found himself in handcuffs on the ice-covered river. Someone reported a vehicle broke through the ice of the Platte near the North Clubhouse. Tire marks indicated that the vehicle had been driving in circles on ice. The kid told police he was "going fishing and got stuck." The officer asked about the clear lack of fishing gear, and the claim was that he planned to return later. Turns out there would be an arrest for more than just an outstanding warrant. The officer also found a bag of marijuana in a coat. The coat supposedly belonged to an uncle. (Okay, sure, yeah.) Court records showed he was already on probation. His history included DWUI and traffic violations. Wow, would any branch of the military take this kid?

1. In Gillette, two police slowly drove passed an 18-year-old female driver, and were “flipped off.” Witnesses in other vehicles saw it, and how the officer attempted to stop the teen driver, but she refused. Okay, I’ve heard enough. It’s just not smart to make obscene gestures at an officer of the law.

Note: All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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