Wyoming State Senator Chris Rothfuss, D-Laramie, says the idea of cutting K-12 education funding is "absurd."

Rothfuss says National Assessment of Educational Progress scores in Wyoming have risen in recent years while scores of other states have generally remained stagnant.

"We've gotten to sixth in the country for example on the fourth grade math NAEP score," says Rothfuss. "We're doing a nice job, and that's been because of the extensive investment that the legislature has put into K-12 and then the very good job that our districts have done in implementing that mission and those objectives."

"It is not a time to stop that forward progress," says Rothfuss.

Rothfuss says there is no reason to panic over K-12 education funding, and there's no reason to make cuts.

"There's no better investment in the state of Wyoming than putting money into our K-12 education," says Rothfuss. "We have done an exceptional job in recent years."

Rothfuss says that any future economic diversification in Wyoming would be dependant on a strong education system.

"Cuts to education are shortsighted and absolutely inappropriate at this time," says Rothfuss. "It's a few years out where we have problems."

Rothfuss says the it has been apparent for quite some time that coal lease bonuses will be "off the table" for an upcoming four-year period.

"We have to look for alternative revenue sources to build our schools," says Rothfuss.

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