The Natrona County Sheriff Office is investigating a deputy who works at the jail who allegedly disclosed confidential information about a sexual assault case, Sheriff's Sgt. Aaron Shatto said Thursday.

On June 25, the office was made aware of an allegation of a sexual assault and began investigating that, Shatto said.

During the investigation, the alleged victim told the Sheriff's Office that the alleged suspect contacted her, he said. "The suspect told the victim confidential information concerning the case that only law enforcement and the victims should have known."

The Sheriff's Office later confirmed there was a release of confidential information in an unauthorized manner.

The jail deputy did not directly release the information, but apparently told a family member, Shatto said.

Disclosing confidential information in cases like this is a criminal offense, he said.

After determining this is what happened, the Sheriff's Office contacted the Casper Police Department and requested its assistance in conducting a criminal investigation of the employee. the Sheriff's Office has completed its internal investigation, Shatto said.

Shatto would not identify the deputy nor the suspect who was arrested in the sexual assault case.

He also would not say if the Sheriff's Office has apologized to the alleged victim.

The disclosure of the information did not jeopardize the investigation of the alleged sexual assault, he said. The suspect was arrested last week and will have a preliminary hearing within a few weeks to determine whether his case should be bound over for trial.

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