Maybe we still ask the question of how old is too old for trick-or-treating because we never got a good answer. Let's find out what Wyoming parents think about that for Cowboys and Cowgirls.

A national poll by said parents didn’t agree on the most appropriate age. The parents poll showed over 70 percent call too old anywhere from 12 to 17. (Do we just like the debate? Or do we just like to joke about it?)

After you vote for your preference below, watch a hilarious new video from the Today Show about a town that actually just made age 16 trick or treat law. Maybe Wyoming parents say that should be legislated only by themselves, but what do you say? Pick an age.

Just so you know, I’m more comfortable with a whenever-there's-a-mustache rule. On the other hand, one woman's story is that she still seems to resent her mother’s 12-year-old cut off. Poor girl didn’t want to sit home while 12-year-old friends could still trick or treat.

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