Hey Laramie! Have you heard? Something new is coming to Laramie this September!

The Boardwalk, located at 1951 Snowy Range Rd, will be opening “Boardwalk Mercado,” next month. With Mercado meaning Market in Spanish, what do we think is going on?

What is it?
Boardwalk Mercado is a hybrid between a flea market like Bart’s and a consignment store like Nu2u. Essentially, if you are a seller wanting to sell your stuff, all you would need is to lease space at Boardwalk Mercado, and organize and take care of your own space. Boardwalk Mercado will sell your things on your behalf, for a 10% commission. You would not need to be on-site, but you would just need to make sure you are responsible for your own inventories.

Not limited to anything, in particular, business owners are welcome to sell anything and everything. Owner, Flavio Gallegos said that so far, various items such as chainsaw carvings, reclaimed wood furniture, and handcrafted jewelry are expected to be sold.
Leasing a space will cost between $3 to $5, per square foot, monthly.
As of now, the opening hours are still undecided.

Boardwalk Mercado will be having a soft launch on Sept. 1, and a grand opening two weeks later.

Gallegos moved to Laramie with his wife, Nanette, in 2018 from Nevada. When asked why he started this business, he said it is to give back to the community.

“I think this is a good thing for Laramie. It gives a lot of local people an opportunity to have a business. Especially in the economy, we’re in. It helps both sides; the business owners to make a bit of money, and the public to buy stuff at a reasonable price.”

If you have any questions or are interested in being part of Boardwalk Mercado, call or text Flavio Gallegos at 307-316-4695.

You can also check their Facebook page for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084480405801

I am so excited to see what I can unnecessarily spend my money on! See you at Boardwalk Mercado in September!

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