From Cheyenne to Laramie, you can definitely find some pretty solid Mexican restaurants and food trucks. You might even think there would be a chance that either of the southeast Wyoming cities might be home to the best Mexican restaurants in Wyoming. And if not, probably one of the other bigger cities in the state, like Jackson or maybe Casper, right? Nope, but Wyoming's best hidden gem of a Mexican restaurant would definitely be a great stop along a road trip.

Recently 24/7 Wall St. listed what the 'Best Hidden Gem Mexican Restaurant' is in each state. Very random title to hand out, but all the same, who wouldn't want to try the food there if you happen to go by it. And if you find yourself driving along I-80, you might end up there. The 'Best Hidden Gem Mexican Restaurant' in Wyoming is at Su Casa Cafe in the city of Sinclair.

Here's what 24/7 Wall St. had to say about the joint:

A local and tourist favorite just off I-80, Su Casa is famous for their green chile and their sweet and savory sopapillas, as well as their jovial atmosphere and service. Wyoming residents travel here from neighboring counties to score some of the best Mexican food in the state.

As someone who's never been there, I can't give you my own review of Su Case Cafe, however, some of their posts on their Facebook page look pretty amazing:

The pics of some of their dishes alone make me want to make the drive there. And if you happen to make a drive to find the spot, Google Maps estimates the drive to be just over two hours from Cheyenne, and just over an hour from Laramie along I-80. Sure, you have to drive for it, but it's not a 'hidden gem' for nothing.

You can also find their menu posted on their Facebook page as well. If you do want to make a trip there, you can find them at 705 Lincoln Ave in Sinclair. Should you happen to make a drive out there, drive safe and enjoy, Wyoming!

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