There's discussion circulating two new Wyoming house bills that could potentially lower the minimum hunting age in the state.

Current Wyoming law requires hunters to be a minimum of 12 years old, as is the case with most states. But new legislation, House Bill 84 and House Bill 115, if passed, could alter Wyoming State Statute 23-2-102, which doesn't allow for anyone younger than the age of 12 to hunt big game. The new legislation would allow for two exceptions permitting younger hunters'. This, according to The Sheridan Press.

Rep. Cyrus Western (R-Sheridan) is sponsoring House Bill 84 and had this to say on the topic:

I think both merit discussion...As long as kids have an adult with them, and they’ve gone through hunter safety protocols, that’s what is important...Unfortunately, the age of 12 is clearly defined in state statute, and there was no work around. My bill just gives the (Wyoming) Game and Fish Commission the ability to grant exceptions.

Western also mentioned that one child with terminal cancer that was not permitted the opportunity to hunt despite her request being made through the Make-A-Wish Foundation due to the fact that she was under the age of 12.

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House Bill 115 is proposed by Rep. Jerry Paxton (R-Encampment). The bill would allow 11 year-olds to hunt as long as they turn 12 within the calendar year. Paxton spoke toward his bill:

The purpose of it is, if you have a December birthday like I do, you automatically miss out on a year of hunting as opposed to someone who is born in January...This just evens the playing field so kids with late birthdays can have the same opportunities as those with birthdays earlier in the year.

Currently, House Bill 115 has yet to be introduced, while House Bill 84 has moved past the floor of the House to the House Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee.

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