University of Wyoming officials say they are considering rebuilding some residence halls to offer more attractive amenities to prospective students. UW President Laurie Nichols believes some residence halls are not as modern as those found at other colleges, which offer study rooms, green spaces, common areas and private bathrooms, among other amenities.
Executive Director of UW residence life and dining services Eric Webb says that the university is planning on demolishing Hill and Crane halls to build new facilities, that will include private bathrooms and separate bedrooms.
Webb says that the hope is that the renovations will draw students and keep UW competitive with its peers.
“We are hoping that’s an attraction, and that it will help out from and admission standpoint,” Webb says.
Webb says that starting the renovations is a lengthy process and an optimistic estimated opening date for the new halls would be 2020.
“We are trying to handle the renovations with a smaller, more manageable process,” Webb said, “We are trying to put together a financially viable plan.”

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