Everyone loves hitting up a great spot for brunch on the weekend, or any day for that matter. It just so happens we're heading into one of the biggest brunch weekends of the year given that Sunday is Mother's Day! That being said, what is Wyoming's favorite brunch cocktail?

As you prepare to pamper Mom for her big day, maybe get to know what her preferred drink is. If you have a particular set of skills, not like Liam Neeson's in 'Taken', but more like Tom Cruise's in 'Cocktail', then with the right ingredients, you might even be able to make your mother her favorite drink for the day during the brunch hour. But if you prefer to go out, as pretty much anyone does, what would you think that Wyoming is ordering?

The Shane Company, yes, the jewelry company decided to put a list together of the favorite brunch cocktails in every state. There's quite a few out there too. There's the traditional mimosa, Bloody Mary, mojito, tequila sunrise, screwdriver, pina colada, daquiri, and sangria. But what did Wyoming pick for their favorite?

According to 'Eat This, Not That', Wyoming's favorite brunch cocktail happens to be Sex On the Beach. We may be about as far away from the beach as you can get in the Cowboy State, but we definitely enjoy this drink. Only Minnesota and Montana agreed with us on this one. I'm convinced it must be something about being a state that deals with plenty of wind that gets us in the mood for this particular cocktail.

Of course, if you would like to just make your own, then go ahead and follow the recipe from Delish:

  • Ice 1 1/2 oz.
  • vodka 1 oz.
  • peach schnapps 2 oz.
  • orange juice 2 oz.
  • cranberry juice 2 oz.
  • Orange wedge, for garnish
  • Fill a glass with ice and add vodka, peach schnapps, and orange juice. Pour cranberry juice over.
  • Garnish with orange wedge to serve.

There are definitely other variations of that recipe to use so use your own preference when it comes to that, but there's a start in case you haven't made one previously.

In any event, Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome mothers out there and have a great weekend regardless of whether you prefer a brunch cocktail or something else for a beverage. Cheers, Wyoming!

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