When people outside of Wyoming think about the Cowboy State, it is not likely that the first thing people may wonder what our favorite type of sushi is. They may wonder where to find the best steakhouse or something along those lines. While we definitely have those here, we still have some spots throughout the state where you can find sushi. So what would you think Wyoming's most popular sushi roll is?

You probably know the company Shane Co. as the diamond business that one might go to about purchasing jewelry. While they do that, they also come up with some obscure research from time to time, such as the most popular sushi roll in each state. They compiled this information with the help from the likes of 'Ranker' and 'Mashed' while also using Google trends.

As someone who is a big fan of sushi, I can say that there are tons of great sushi rolls out there. And the ones that are the most popular throughout the country definitely are favorites in so many places. For instance, sushi like Shrimp Tempura Roll, Dragon Roll, Philadelphia Roll, and Spicy Crab Roll are all well represented by a couple states and each of those are some pretty amazing sushi rolls.

However, Wyoming's most popular is very much the most dominant of all sushi rolls throughout the country. It's likely the most common sushi roll that you are familiar with as well. In 21 states, including Wyoming, the most popular sushi roll is California Roll.

In case you've never had it or you have and just don't know what is in it, California Roll has your typical Japanese rice filled with avocado, crab, and cucumber. Or if you want a detailed way of making your own California Roll, here's a link to Alton Brown's (from the Food Network) recipe.

As someone who loves sushi, while California Roll may be a go-to of mine, I'm also a huge fan of Spicy Crab Roll and Philadelphia Roll. In any event, enjoy your sushi, Wyoming!

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