Ah, leaving 2020. That sounds like a Lifetime Movie, but I think we'd all watch that and the encore presentation if we're going to be honest. But, as we leave 2020, are we just going to hold on to the fact that the future(should be) brighter than what we went through this year? Or, do we take the be better model and add a resolution? The website Zippia found the most popular resolutions per state. Let's see how it falls out for us. Here is how they decided it.

Using Google Trends, we determined each state’s most popular New Year’s resolution.

We examined search queries related to common new years resolutions (such as “weight training,” and “weight loss.”) From there, we determined each state’s most “uniquely searched resolution” from the list, which means what resolution each state searched for disproportionately more than other states in the U.S from the list of resolutions.

We looked at the month of January 2019 to give people a whole month to act on their new year’s resolution (and a month to give up…)

While we can’t say for certain all the searches for, say, jobs are related to the new year, it’s a pretty good bet that someone googling jobs in January is looking to change their job in 2020.

Ok, so looking around the Cowboy State, it's pretty interesting, Colorado wants to meet new people, while Idaho, Nebraska and Montana want to start weight training. Guess we're going to have to watch out for all the Hans and Frans running around our neighboring state.

What about the Cowboy State? Well, we have to be different and I love that. We want a new job. Well, most of us, my job is great. Especially if my boss reads this. Yo, Leslie, I love my job.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

What do you think? Are you in the hunt for a new job in 2021?

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