It's probably not a surprise that we can expect cold weather in Wyoming on Dec. 31, but the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is filling in a few details on exactly what to expect.

The agency posted the following statement on its website this morning [Dec. 27]:

Looking ahead to the end of the week and year, likely going to be quite cold for any outdoor planned festivities. Be sure to plan on wearing numerous layers if outside for any length of time as temperatures are likely to be in the teens to single digits with wind chills in the negative single digits to negative teens late Friday night into early Saturday morning. On top of the cold, there could be some light snow possibilities too. Still too far out for details or amounts but could have some flakes falling as we ring in 2022 at midnight. Stay tuned to the latest on the holiday forecast for New Year's Eve this week. Go to for updates and more details.

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