There are a lot of beautiful and architecturally interesting buildings in the Cowboy State, but have you ever looked at a building and thought "Ugh, what was that designer thinking?" 

Well, Business Insider was thinking about that and asked their readers to submit what they thought was the ugliest building in their state. Our neighbors had some doozys to add to the list, including the Denver International Airport in Colorado. I've always thought it was a rather pretty building though, so I guess I don't have the best taste according to Business Insider.

Nebraska clocked in with the Mutual of Omaha building, while South Dakota put up the Qwest Tower (Now renamed the CenturyLink Tower) in Souix Falls as their ugliest structure. Hello, have you ever seen the Mitchell Corn Palace, though?

Wyoming's entry into the list definitely ticks all the marks. Bland. Uninspired. Not great too look at. It's none other than the Dick Cheney Federal Building in Casper.

What do you think is the ugliest building in Wyoming? Do you agree with Business Insider, or do you have a better one to add? I've got a few I think might fit the title, so I'll follow up with some of your suggestions.

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