Honestly, March 2021 feels like March 2020 for us here in Cheyenne, we're all stuck in our houses and nothing is open. Weird, right? Though, we can't get grocery orders to learn new weird baking techniques.

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Cheyenne businesses and schools are cancelled again today as people still can't get out of their homes, City and State governments have placed a Level 1 Emergency Snow Plan in Cheyenne and Laramie County. You can see the list of closures here.

City of Cheyenne officials say it will take several days for snow cleanup in Cheyenne due to the magnitude of the winter storm. Trash collection has been pushed off until March 22nd and it may be a few days before roads are more accessible.

If you're ready for another kick in the pants, gas prices are on the rise for the 10th straight week, but, hey, we got them back because we can drive our cars, so there's that.

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Hey, the Oscars are still happening, I mean, they were pushed off this year, but they're still happening. The nominees were announced yesterday with what feels like plenty of snubs in a year with lackluster film releases.

Eddie Van Halen fans and band members were upset with the length of the memorial for the classic rocker at the Grammy's. But, really, are you surprised? A Classic Rocker getting a ton of screen time, no matter his contributions, isn't in their nature. For how short it was, it was still awesome to watch.

Glenn Close has always been thought of this great white unicorn of an actress for her resume, but this isn't quite the outcome she was probably looking for when she signed on for Hillbilly Energy. Close was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar, but also a Worst Supporting Actress Razzie. Now I need to watch this movie.


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