You know, I was really thinking that we were going to make it to spring without real winter hitting us. I was enjoying the nice random 60 degree days in January, pretending it was normal. And now, doom.

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Wonder what all those people that invested in and pulled their money out of GameStop are doing with their cash? A 20-year-old engineering student from Cornell donated some of his winnings to a children's hospital.

Want to go to Sturgis this year, but don't want to take the trip on the road? Allegiant Air has set up 9 flights to Rapid City to make the trip more convenient for the biker who wants to get there on a timeline.

And new photos of Jared Leto's Joker in the upcoming Justice League Directors Cut leaked yesterday, and if you're in favor of creepy long-haired Joker, you're in luck!

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Remember hearing about the guy from Texas that flew into Colorado Springs just to place a bet on the Super Bowl then jetted out? Well, he put down over 3 million dollars on Tampa Bay and got a return of around 6 million dollars. Not a bad payoff for a trip to Colorado Springs.

Winter has showed up, so the age-old question has resurfaced, is it legal to pass a snowplow. While it isn't a law, it's probably not a good idea. WYDOT urges you to not crowd the plow.

And finally, if the cold weather wasn't enough of a kick in the pants, the Wyoming Men's basketball games scheduled for this week against Utah State have been postponed due to, you guessed it.

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