A list of the 'most fun states in America' was recently released and it is always interesting to see where Wyoming ranks. As a state that has the lowest population and has several smaller cities with lots of outlying rural areas, you might think that could be a recipe for somewhere near the bottom of the list. But is it?

Our friends at WalletHub recently did the research to find out where each state ranks in terms of their level of 'fun' and it could also depend and what your personal definition of 'fun' is. It's really kind of a grey area when you think about it. Nevertheless, in terms of how the rankings were determined, Wyoming ranked 34th overall of the 50 states in terms of how fun we are.

Given the factors working against Wyoming (lowest population, large rural areas, etc.), that's not a bad ranking. That means there are definitely places that are certainly less fun than Wyoming. There's at least 16 states that we're more fun than. It's a pretty modest showing.

Determining factors in the study were movie costs, access to national parks, and casinos per capita. Another factor that was taken into consideration was restaurants per capita. Wyoming definitely did not give a great showing there as we finished 48th overall. We also finished in the bottom five for fewest fitness centers per capita. However, where Wyoming did show well was having the 2nd best access to national parks, because of course we do. Only Alaska finished better in that category.

All things considered, we have it pretty good here in Wyoming. There are plenty of national parks around, as well as some great scenery. If you go to Cheyenne or Laramie, the downtown scene is fantastic. There's plenty of solid restaurant options and breweries to venture to for nightlife options. And in terms of recreation, we get a true four seasons every year. Personally, I'll take it. The Wyoming life suits me and there's plenty of fun to be had!

Check out the map below to see where all the other states ranked.

Source: WalletHub

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