We all enjoy binge watching our networks subscriptions on TV. We pay for them monthly and use them pretty much everyday. But subscriptions have caught on to several products and services. What if you could pay a monthly subscription for beverages at gas stations in Wyoming? It's already happening elsewhere.

The gas station chain, Circle K, recently announced a new beverage subscription where they will charge $5.99 per month for one coffee, tea, Polar Pop fountain drink (soft drink), or Froster slushy per customer for every day. If you think about it, that is a pretty eawesome deal.

I, for one, definitely spend way more than $5.99 per month on my way to work for morning caffeine, so I would gladly spend that for a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, there are currently no Circle K gas stations in the southeastern Wyoming region. In fact, the closest one is beyond our southern state border in Fort Collins, CO.

But could this be a concept that other gas station franchises to catch on to so that there  are regular stops for Wyomingites that provide such subscription services? Perhaps. Maybe this is a new thing that will catch on for several gas station franchises throughout the country. If so, I'm certainly not complaining.

Yes, we know all about several gas station rewards programs and such with every purchase. But if we were to take that $5.99 per month model for one beverage a day, consider this, in an average of four work weeks per month, five days a week that you go to work, and if you are someone who follows a routine, then maybe you grab one beverage per work day that costs $1 each, that's a minimum of approximately $20 that you're spending per month. And again, that's if you're only paying $1 per beverage for only the five days of work each week. You're already saving a minimum of $14 per month.

So will this beverage subscription model come to a Wyoming gas station near you? I have no idea. Is it a great idea? Absolutely!

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