There are all kinds of great gifts that you could give mom this Mother’s Day, and in the end only you know best what that might be. However if the special mother in your life happens to have a bit of a green thumb, flowers can be a great idea to make them feel appreciated. If you happen to be buying the kind of flowers that go in a vase, make sure to take a look at our tips on making them last longer than normal. No matter what you do though, traditional flower arrangements won’t make it more than a few weeks as they begin to wither and eventually go in the trash.

However there is a way to make sure that mom can get a little extra enjoyment out of the flowers that you give this Mothers Day; purchase them at a local nursery. We got the chance to talk with the owner of Windmill Hill Greenhouse, Benny Benson, earlier this week and he told us that gifts from a local nursery are a great idea for Mother’s Day. When asked why, he explained that not only can mom enjoy the planted or potted flowers all Summer long, but also that you can really show you care by planting the flowers together. Moms treasure the quality time spent with their families more than about anything else, and this is a great way to give them just that. This element adds a really special touch by taking time out of your day to spend alongside each other.

Benson also mentioned that if you don’t know exactly what kind of plants to purchase, their staff is happy to help you pick the perfect flowers for different locations. Windmill Hill also has gift cards available if you want to let mom choose the flowers she likes best.

While a little non-traditional, we had to agree that this idea would make Mother’s Day really special. While this weekend will not be quite as warm as the past few days, the weather this Sunday is still supposed to be around 60 degrees. If you have never visited Windmill Hill, it is located at 4109 Fort Sanders Road just south of town and they will be open on Mother’s Day. With it being the beginning of the season, they have a good selection of all kinds of potted plants, colorful hanging baskets, trees & shrubs. The nursery is open from 9:30 AM to 5 PM daily.

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