One of the worst things that could happen to any pet owner is losing your pet.

For one Colorado pet owner, the unimaginable circumstance became her reality; Kenyetta Tyler's dog, Coco went missing 7 months ago after getting lost on a walk during a snowstorm.

Tyler, who had been living in Denver with her Yorkie until moving to Dallas, Texas this past July, abruptly left her new digs - for a great reason - after receiving word that her beloved dog had been located here in Colorado.

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According to KDVR, Kenyetta Tyler recently got the miraculous call from animal control officials in the Denver area, who notified her that her Yorkie, Coco had been found.

And it's all thanks to a good samaritan and the use of a microchip.

In a heartwarming moment captured on video (footage featured above) by KDVR reporter, Nicole Fierro, Tyler is very clearly overwhelmed with happiness during the rare reunion.

As reported by Fierro, Coco had been missing for a total of 219 days before being found.

Animal protection officer, Tracy Schillinger said she received a call last Friday night (Oct. 1) from a good samaritan who had found a dog; the dog was reportedly found severely matted and looked like it could've been running loose for a while (which we can now conclude, she probably was).

Fortunately, due to the fact that the dog was microchipped, Schillinger was able to scan the dog's microchip, confirm Coco's identity and help deliver the incredible news to Tyler.

"Yeah, I started crying - I'm not gonna lie", Schillinger said in regards to making that rare phone call to Kenyetta Tyler, letting her know that her dog had been found.

"All I could do is feel excited, and, tell everybody to keep their hopes up", Tyler said after reuniting with Coco.

Even in a rare instance like this, stories like these so greatly highlight the importance and benefits of getting your pet microchipped. In addition, if you do choose to get your pet microchipped, make sure that your contact information is up to date.

In the event your pet goes missing, taking these steps could very well save your pet's life.

Read the full story via KDVR here.

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