There are quite often some real “finds” in Cheyenne Area Online Garage Sale’s Facebook. Otherwise, you never know what you’re going to dig up. In this case, there’s a real used coffin offered for just $100.

This casket is advertised as “in good shape only used once.” Wait, used once, as opposed to used often?

For the love of … the late somebody. This guy set off a scroll that now drops down six feet. You’ll find most comments are questions, starting with, “This has got to be a joke, right?”

Right, we’re confident it is a joke. My favorite question on the post was, “Are you stiff on the price?”

Meanwhile, if no one else can imagine a good reason anyone would want a used coffin, we can.

Reasons Why You May Want to Buy a Used Coffin:

1. Like a good bed, it’s already broken in.

2. Hipsters prefer the vintage look.

3. Looks like a perfect fit for the ol' mother-in-law.

4. It’s a new kind of timeshare.

5. No credit, no problem.

6. New coffins just don’t have that old charm.

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