The Scott LeTourneau Morning Show was honored to have Ned LeDoux. The son of Chris LeDoux gave Cheyenne a great five minutes. I only found out one thing I don't like about Ned. His favorite NFL football team is the "Las Vegas" Raiders. Boo!

It was a blast, of course, and among all Ned shared, regarding his latest music, and highlights of a recent Australia trip that turned out hilarious, maybe the best story was about a unique collaboration with his father. In the attic, a box full of song ideas were found, and one was finished posthumously.

Ned is down to earth Wyoming. Well, no shock, he's a LeDoux, with a sense of what's funny, never in a mean way. He just felt bad about one comment on Australia fashion. Actually it was his wife's comment. He loves them down under, though, and appreciates his fans everywhere.

Ned Ledoux @ Greeley Independence Stampede in Greeley


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