Wyoming is certainly no stranger to the wind. We typically know what we're dealing with every time we take a step outside or plan out anything about our day that may have to take the wind into consideration. But Monday was a little different for everyone it seemed. 

The winds were forecasted to be an issue for anyone. There's a good chance you likely heard the wind outside your window for many of you. So it's not surprising that several wind gusts throughout the Cowboy State registered over 55 miles per hour and some much more!

In Buford, there's a couple spots that registered some wind gusts of 57 and 58 miles per hour. At the airport in Torrington, wind gusts were as high as 71 miles per hour. Guernsey's highest was at 59 and Rawlins had wind gusts register at 67 and 57 miles per hour. Nebraska's highest wind gust was measured at 65 miles per hour at the Scottsbluff National Monument.

So what about Cheyenne?...

At the Cheyenne Regional Airport, wind gusts reached as high as 61 miles per hour as shown in the tweet above. It probably felt even more than that at times. Even the National Weather Service in Cheyenne mentioned that 'it was was pretty windy, even by our standards.' That's a profound statement.

But the highest wind gust in Wyoming on Monday was 85 miles per hour. That was at Strouss Hill between Laramie and Arlington along I-80 as the NWS Cheyenne points out in the above tweet.

As for tomorrow, the forecast doesn't expect it to be nearly as windy, but just a high of 26 on Tuesday, with the potential for 3 to 5 inches of snow expected in the evening. We may see snow falling as early as the afternoon, according to the forecast. Be prepared, southeast Wyoming!

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