It's unofficially summertime and with the warmer temperatures, it is certainly more seasonal than ever to feast on a cold treat. As we are all attempting to stay cool amidst the hotter temps, one thing that may bring some relief from the heat would be an ice cream truck approaching. We actually now know what Wyoming's favorite ice cream truck treat is.

Using Google trends, Outer Banks Vacations recently cross-referenced 24 of the most popular ice cream truck treats throughout the past year. In Wyoming, we are all about the Creamsicle. Of course, at its core, the combined flavors of orange (possibly sherbet), along with either vanilla ice cream or ice milk make up our state's most popular ice cream truck treat. Colorado was the only other state to choose the Creamsicle as its most popular ice cream truck treat so perhaps it's sort of a regional thing here. Let's also not forget that for adults, Creamsicle flavors mix well with several cocktails.

As for the most popular ice cream truck treat in the country, that honor goes to the Klondike Bar. What would you do for a Klondike? Probably not as much as those states might. Bordering states Nebraska and Idaho picked the Klondike Bar as their most popular ice cream truck treat, but aside from that, it seemed to be more a favorite on the eastern side of the country. A total of nine states picked it as their favorite as it narrowly beat out the Firecracker and Choco Taco, which were most popular in eight states each. You can check out what each state preferred as their favorite ice cream truck treat here.

So while the forecast for next weeks has temps in the 90s (ugh), feel free to indulge on a Creamsicle. It seems to be a pretty popular choice around this part of the country.

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