There is an annual pass that Yellowstone National Park is offering and it doesn't work until the year 2172. So yes, break out the DeLorean, make sure you have plenty of plutonium and that your flux capacitor is fully functional, and of course, enough road to get up to 88 miles per hour so that you can use the annual pass at Yellowstone National Park.

All 'Back To The Future' jokes aside, there actually is an annual pass that you can use at the national park that is not good for another 150 years. You may notice the significance of the number '150' as this year is the 150th birthday of the national park. In celebration, they are offering the annual pass that can't be used until 2172 as fundraising effort to celebrate their 150th birthday. In exchange for the annual pass, they are receptive to a $1,500 donation. The annual pass is known as the 'Inheritance Pass'.

The hope is that the passes will be used by the donors' descendants. Yellowstone Forever, which takes care of the fundraising efforts at the national park, is hoping to use the funds raised for things such as trail improvements for the park, scientific studies, native fish conservation, and education.

The idea for the Inheritance Pass came from the advertising agency, Havas Chicago. They mentioned how it's a way to preserve the park for generations to come as the national park is already celebrating such a great milestone with its 150th anniversary.

Challenges, such as climate change and surging tourism, still lie ahead for the park for years to come. According to 'The Guardian', those who have been around the national park for past decades, like 'Winterkeeper' Steven Fuller, have noted that there have been 'profound' changes at the park. A big part of that is animals like bison, wolves, and grizzly bears have made a comeback.

The fundraising idea is definitely a unique way to help preserve the national treasure that is Yellowstone National Park for generations to come, even if it is 150 years into the future and beyond.

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