If you could use a great laugh today, I have something you need to watch. It's the saga of a sheep being rescued from a ditch only to quickly return to the problem it just escaped.

This video has gone wildly viral and it's easy to understand why. Here's the description of what this poor animal is dealing with:

Sheep stuck! This sheep was rescued from a dich in the ground, only to jump straight back into it.

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Pro tip: make sure that your sound is turned on for this one. You'll thank me later.

I have watched this video probably 20 times and I still laugh as hard now as I did at first. I would love to add some profound thought, but it's a sheep jumping into a ditch. It kinda speaks for itself.

This did inspire me to do a search on how dumb sheep are. My research led me to a BBC article about how sheep aren't dumb at all. They're actually really smart (allegedly). Apparently their intelligence doesn't include judging how to avoid ditches.

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