Welcome to the NEW Y95 Country KCGY-FM from Townsquare Media of Cheyenne and Laramie!

106.3 Cowboy Country is now Y95 Country Southeast Wyoming’s #1 for New Country Music on your radio. Change your radio presets to 95.1 FM.

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We thank all the loyal listeners of 106.3 Cowboy Country KLEN-FM and invite everyone to update their radio station presets to 95.1 FM to hear all your favorite country music along with the stellar line-up of folks you love.

Every Wyoming weekday starts with Jax in the Morning and all the news, weather, country music, and FUN you need.

Then everybody’s BFF Jess takes the Y95 reins and keeps you going through the middle of the day. Jess always has the most interesting and fun stuff to talk about and more of southeast Wyoming’s favorite new country.

Buddy Logan is playing your favorite country music for the Ride Home every weekday afternoon.

Finish off each weekday (or start the day if you’re on the 3rd shift) with Taste of Country Nights. The songs you love, the latest country music news, and the hottest interviews from your favorite country artists- Taste of Country Nights has it all. Weeknights on Y95 Country.

Speaking of the 3rd shift, Brett Alan keeps the country music  going all night for Southeast Wyoming

Saturday night it’s time for The Country Club with Dee Jay Silver. Featuring mixes and mash-ups of hits from country music’s biggest stars and newcomers, with an infusion of unique rhythms.

And Sundays, count down the biggest country music hits of the with Fritz and CT40.

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