Laramie High School held its “Drive-in Capping Ceremony” on Friday in the parking lot on the east side of War Memorial Stadium.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was switched to this “drive-in” event, while a trailer acted as a stage for the speakers with a sound system. It was also broadcast over KOWB radio (AM 1290).

Seniors and their families arrived in vehicles and were parked in specified spots around the lot. They stayed in their vehicles throughout the program.

It started with a welcome from Laramie High School Principal Chuck Kern. A 20-second moment of silence was held to honor first responders, essential workers, and to recognize the Class of 2020.

The student speakers addressed those in attendance. They were Senior Class President Alyssa Dale and Student Body President George Yost.

The “Capping Ceremony” was the only time anyone departed a vehicle. The LHS graduate and their capper exited the vehicle at separate times. After instructions from Principal Kern, the “capping” took place.

Following some closing remarks, the graduates and their families proceeded on a vehicle parade to and around Deti Stadium at Laramie High School.

This year’s ceremony took around 15-20 minutes once it began.

Laramie High School Capping Ceremony 2020

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