The Atlanta Falcons caught the Broncos on a bad week in Denver. How rare is that to say? Let's look back for how far the Mile High Win streak went.

If it didn’t look like it Sunday, The Broncos are still the reigning Super Bowl Champions. (Some of us just like making note of that – alllll year long.) Last year was a 12-4 season, and all four losses were on the road. Hold on, though, the home streak goes much further back.

2014 saw the same 12-4 record, and guess where all four of those losses were not. Again, they were still all away games.

2013 was an even better year, or at least it was until that Super Bowl, after they cruised to 13-3.

On Sunday this is how impressive the Falcons win in Denver was. We have to go back to 2013 to find the last team to do that - the San Diego Chargers on that December 12.

T Simm is back Thursday night – sore shoulder or not. Go Broncos.

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