Two dogs that were recently rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm and taken in by Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) are now available for adoption.

BDAR Executive Director Britney Wallesch says Tamela, a female husky mix, and Norman, a male mastiff, are looking for their new homes.

"While we were prepared for a worst-case scenario regarding the sociability and health of these dogs, we have been pleasantly surprised by them," said Wallesch. "They are shy and most new things in their environment are cause for a bit of initial fear, but they have proven to be resilient and adaptable."

Wallesch says Tamela, who is the more shy one of the two, will need a home with other dogs and children over 12. She says Norman is basically a giant puppy and would likely be okay with kids over 5.

"Some of the dogs who stayed with the Larimer Humane Society are also ready to be adopted," added Wallesch. "So it looks as though all of the dogs from this rescue effort will soon be in adoptive homes and ready to start their new lives."

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