Governor Mark Gordon had a media briefing on May 7 to go over what the plan would be after the health orders expired and what the next phase was in reopening the state.

He stated that the state was stabilizing in 5 of the 6 metrics set out last week. Various counties have had variances approved throughout the week, and vary from county to county.

The 14-day quarantine order for people out of state will expire tomorrow, yet the governor asked that people who travel out of state do so cautiously. The Wyoming Game and Fish will restart the sale of fishing licenses on May 9, and the turkey season has been extended.

Governor Gordon stated that the plan is to further ease the restrictions which have been in place on businesses. Bars and restaurants should be able to reopen to indoor dining soon, with restrictions in place. It will be the restaurant and bar owners who will enforce the restrictions.

Regarding the health order limiting large crowds, Governor Gordon stated that it is still being examined at this time, using statewide data.

Governor Gordon stated that the people of Wyoming should still be vigilant so that the state does not lose ground.

Regarding state parks and reservations for camping, Governor Gordon stated that the reservations would be helpful in getting camping up more quickly and any out of state reservations have been canceled for the rest of the 2020 season.

Dr. Alexia Harrist came forward to give an update on the state of COVID-19 in Wyoming. There is some community spread, but it is not as bad as other parts of the country.

Dr. Harrist stated that they hope is to use testing to try and find out who has COVID-19 in the state. She stated that it was something which will help to find out where spreads are in the community, and better prepare for a possible community spread.

She stated that we still need to practice caution and that we need to do what we can to stop the spread of disease.

Updates last week and in the coming week offer more options for more communities, but Dr. Harrist cautioned that the state is are not turning back the clock to where we began. She is expecting the business owners and customers to take restrictions seriously.

Governor Gordon advised Wyoming residents to be careful not to expose people who are at high risk of the disease.

Speaking about the special session on the Wyoming Legislature, the governor signed the proclamation which would call the legislature to meet on May 15 during the briefing. They would be going over funding and where it would go.

Governor Gordon stated that the state is working diligently to try and get the state of Wyoming up and running, and advised people to use good judgment.

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