Some people have their go-to gas stations no matter where they are. Of course there are those of us who don't care as long as we find the cheapest gas prices near us, but recently there was a change made to particular gas stations in southeast Wyoming as Exxon stations are now becoming that of Sinclair. Have you noticed this in the past week?

There is an Exxon station near me that I frequent, and one evening I drove up to the pump and noticed something looked a little different. The entire color scheme of the pump was different. I questioned where I just drove to for a split second. Then I realized that this Exxon station is now a Sinclair station. So much for using my Exxon Mobil app for the 'Rewards' (actually we're pretty sure that still works).

And then I noticed this was something that was happening throughout Cheyenne. Every Exxon station is now Sinclair. Have a look...

Former Exxon Mobil Gas Stations, Now Sinclair Stations

This isn't even all of the stations that made the change in the region, but you get the idea. Those stations in and around Cheyenne that have switched from Exxon Mobil to Sinclair include, but are not limited to, the Big D stations along Lincolnway in Cheyenne, the Big D station at 100 N. Greeley Hwy, and the one at 2029 Dell Range Blvd.

From what I can tell at those stations that I've visited since the name and branding change, nothing else at those stations has changed besides color and logo schemes.

I am certainly not an expert on mergers and acquisitions, so I'm not one who is certain on what exact deal went down that made this happen. However, we do know that Sinclair was acquired by HollyFrontier Corp. back at the end of August and perhaps this is another part of that deal taking place.

In the meantime, if you're looking for where the nearest Exxon station is to gas up, just know that you shouldn't be confused when you pull in and it's Sinclair.

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