"Hollyhock Commons" is now open for the public on the corner of 2nd and Custer Streets in Downtown Laramie.

You will find eight tables there for people to relax and socialize at, and city staff will clean the area once each day. There will be sanitation wipes available on the site for people to use on the tables if they desire. Social distancing is encouraged in these areas.

Along with the “Hollyhock” Commons,” four new tables and umbrellas have been provided at the 1st Street Plaza with similar requests of users.
The City has worked with Laramie Main Street Alliance and the downtown community on multiple COVID-19 response projects to encourage safe shopping, dining, and socializing in the downtown area.
Businesses, partner agencies, and City divisions that have contributed to the development of the “Hollyhock Commons” include the Laramie Main Street Alliance, Laramie Public Art Coalition, Trihydro, Roots out West Real Estate/Pisciotti Law, Blue Federal Credit Union, Centennial Woods, the Windmill Hill Greenhouse, Bloedorn Lumber, and the Laramie Parks, Facilities, Recreation, Streets, Solid Waste and Public Works Divisions.
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