Laramie Police responded to the parking lot behind Wells Fargo today after a power pole exploded and caught fire.

A Laramie Police officer on the scene said they received a report that a loud boom was heard when the power pole exploded and caught fire. LPD officers arrived on the scene, as well as the Laramie Fire Department.

Laramie Police blocked the entrance to the Wells Fargo with their police vehicles and the fire was quickly extinguished, the officer said.

Power was out to the area for a short period of time, knocking out the power to the surrounding buildings as well as the traffic light on 21st Street and Grand Ave.  LPD Lt. Gwen Smith said the power company was able to route power around the outage. As of 4:20 p.m. today, she said the power company had control of the situation and the officers had cleared the area.

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