If you're Dick Cheney, where do you go when you want to get away from the challenges of public service? One of those answers is this elegant vacation home that used to be Mr. Cheney's. I've found a dozen pics of what used to be his getaway place.

The Houston Chronicle shared a story last year about how Dick Cheney had just sold his vacation home for $2.1 million dollars. I did a search and found the real estate website where it appears it was listed prior to sale. Here are 16 pics for you.

According to the Long & Foster website, it's actually pretty quaint considering the famous resident who used to spend time there. 5-bed, 4 1/2-bath, 3-car garage, a couple of fireplaces and a guest cottage are nice, but nothing too fancy.

The Houston Chronicle article mentions that the Cheney's sold it for a loss compared to what they paid for it back in 2005.

Looking at the pictures, you can see the appeal of the property for someone who's wanting to relax and reflect. The pier extending out into the deep water with the bench would be a great place to find peace especially if you're a former vice-president of the United States.

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